I understand that by signing this form I am confirming it is my responsibility as a gym user (herein participant) to ensure that all of my contact details are correct and kept up to date.

It is my wish to join Suits U Fitness (herein the gym) as a participant.

I understand that by signing this document I am confirming that I have read and agree to its contents. I specifically confirm the following:

  1. The information provided within this form is correct and accurate;

  2. That any and all participation by me during my attendance at the gym premises is entirely voluntary;

  3. Before I engage in any activity, I will complete any and all required health check questionnaires as the gym sees fit as well as an evaluation with a Physical Therapist or Athletic Trainer to determine my risk of participating in exercise. If any of those preliminary assessments indicate that I should see my physician before exercising, I will do that;

  4. That I have completed the pre-test questionnaire and confirm that I have notified the gym of any and all medical conditions;

  1. That there are no medical conditions which would prohibit me from engaging in exercise within the gym;

  2. I understand that if my medical condition changes since the completion of the pre-testing questionnaire it is my responsibility to inform the gym of my change in circumstances before participating in exercise;

  3. I understand that if I fail to inform the gym about a medical condition which may affect my participation in exercise and I continue to use the gym facilities that I exercise at my own risk;

  4. I understand that the possibility exists that certain changes may occur during exercise. They may include but are not limited to muscular stains, sprains, and delayed onset muscle soreness, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, disturbances of heart rhythm, and very rare instances of heart attack and that it is my responsibility to stop my exercise and immediately inform a member of staff if I am feeling unwell;

  5. I understand that I can minimise the risk of adverse changes occurring during exercise by adhering to the exercise guidelines which discuss the importance of warming up and cooling down and exercising at a moderate level at least 3 times per week and also exercise within my capabilities;

  6. I understand that a program of regular exercise for the heart, lungs, muscles and joints, has many benefits associated with it. These may include a decrease in body fat, improvement in blood fats and blood pressure, improvement in physiological function, increased strength, decreased chance of injury and decrease in heart disease.

  7. I will seek advice from a member of staff if I am unsure about how to use any of the equipment within the gym;

  8. I will respect the equipment that I use within the gym and behave in an appropriate manner at all times when using the gym facilities;

  9. I understand that failure to use the equipment correctly may cause injury, and that if in contravention I use the equipment inappropriately I do so at my own risk;

  10. I understand that the gym reserves the right to ask me not to exercise beyond my capability or prohibit me from using equipment inappropriately;

  11. I understand that the gym will not be liable to me for any loss, damage or theft of any property I bring onto the premises and any property that is left within my vehicle in the car park.


Our staff, agents and subcontractors are not medically qualified so if you have any doubts about your fitness or capability to exercise, we strongly recommend that you get advice from a doctor first. For safety reasons, you are responsible for correctly using all club facilities and reading club signs, and agree to keep to the conditions in this consent form, which is available in our clubs and online.

We strongly advise that all members complete an induction to the gym and you should ask for one if we do not offer you one. If you are not sure how to use any equipment, always ask a member of staff.

We do not accept liability for damage or loss to your property or a guest’s property that may happen on the premises or within the grounds of the gym, other than the liability which arises from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

We do not accept liability for the injury or death of any member, child or guest that may happen on the premises or within the grounds of the gym.

By signing this agreement, I confirm that Suits U Fitness will not be liable to me and I release and indemnify Suits U Fitness (and its employees, agents and contractors) from and against any liability for any loss, injury or damage howsoever caused which I may directly or indirectly suffer in connection with my attendance on Suits U Fitness premises.